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Happy Holidays friends, family, and dare I hope fans!!! I know you are busy and that’s why you haven’t had time to comment on my posts. But I know you’re out there! (And thank you to those of you working feverishly to learn how to comment and join my blog as a follower, especially my friend Nancy who may even break down and ask her daughter for help!!!) 

I’ve had a busy week. Not shopping, since I can’t stand waiting in line and made sure to be done before Thanksgiving. I’ve been busy working, trying to improve my writing resume. I’ve written and edited two short stories which I’ve submitted to Woman’s World Magazine. (I’m a new fan of Woman’s World and highly recommend you pick up a copy.) I joined a bunch of RWA (Romance Writers of America) loops so I can intereact with other writers and get my name and blog out there. It’s all about promotion. I have nothing to promote you say? I hope to soon, and I plan to have people looking forward to reading it by keeping you up to date on what goes on in the life of a new writer as she pursues her dream of publication in book length fiction.

On schedule for today is entering the first 24 pages of my completed manuscript, Love, Hospital Style in the Gerat Expectations contest sponsered by North Texas Romance Writers of America. Contests are subjective, and it can be frustrating to finish second in one and not place at all in another when you’ve submitted the exact same entry in each. But it’s a way of having another set of eyes view your work and make suggestions and hopefully you reach the finals where your manuscript makes it in front of an editor and/or agent. In the case of the Great Expectations contest, Victoria Curran, Editor for Harlequin Super Romance is the final judge. (She’s my editor of choice for this project.) Keep your fingers crossed! I also plan to work on the sequal to Love, Hospital Style. If I can get the first twenty-four pages polished to my liking I will try to submitt it to Great Expecations by the 12/30/09 deadline. If I’m going to do that I need to get back to work!  Thanks for spending a few minutes of your day with me.

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  • Dale
    Posted December 17, 2009 at 8:50 PM | Permalink

    HI Wendy-

    I check your blog every day and voila!! today you gave a nice update of your writing submissions. I will keep my fingers crossed for you, but more than that I have faith in your writing talent and tenacity which are both necessary to succeed….And since I have been fortunate to be privy to your work, I say that with the utmost sincerity. XOXO Your Most Radical Fan!

  • Amanda
    Posted December 17, 2009 at 9:30 PM | Permalink

    Good luck with the contest. It's great to have something else in the works. It was great exchanging emails with you today.

  • eileen
    Posted December 26, 2009 at 2:01 AM | Permalink

    Hi Wendy… still not sure how/when to "blog" so I guess I am officially a technologically challenged blogger! Firstly, how can I respond with a sense of "bonding" to an individual who had all their shopping done by Thanksgiving! You put the rest of us – line waiting, clock-ticking, bargain hunting shoppers to shame!Secondly, you wrote this at 5am! A second yikes! I can barely peel my head off the pillow at 6 ( after a nite of hot flashes) no less think straight to write so eloquently. Thirdly… I saw a mentioned thank you to me. P.L.E.A.S.E… I am honored that you were comfortable to call me.
    Hoping your holidays were enjoyable and I look forward to seeing your submissions in print so can officially say "I knew her when…" Good luck! Eileen

  • masinc223
    Posted January 3, 2010 at 4:15 PM | Permalink

    Thanks all!

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