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Search and Destroy

I’ve been doing a lot of critiquing lately, of my work, my critique partner’s work, and for another writer I hope will become my second critique partner. Since I am in an editing frame of mind, I decided to discuss repetitive words. You know, the ones that sneak into your sentences without you even realizing they’re […]

Author Branding

Hi All!I’ve been a bad blogger, and I apologize. But I’ve found a new critique partner Joanne who is awesome, and I’m getting a ton of work done! Tonight I e-mailed the revised first three chapters of my WIP to my agent to see if I’m heading in the right direction. Now. On to my post […]

The Letdown That Follows ‘The End’

Writing is a process that for some takes months, others years. The idea for a story can take shape from something as simple as driving a blind curve on a road, watching a young couple kiss, or reading a news story on the Internet. (At least for me.) With the implantation of that single seed […]

A New Suit

Three days to my daughter’s Bat Mitzvah and things in my world are bordering on out of control. Two weeks ago I decided I could no longer put off buying my son, age 16 and growing taller each day, a new suit. All I had to do was find a corresponding two hours of free time where we […]

Dr. Di Angelo’s Baby Bombshell

Hi All!I finished reading the medical romance novels sent to me by the editor at Harlequin Mills and Boon, and my favorite was Dr. Di Angelo’s Baby Bombshell written by Janice Lynn. Okay, I know. If you’re not a fan of category romance, the title might put you off. But wait! Don’t stop reading. This story […]


To do my bit for the environment and to reduce my risk of paperback induced head trauma from the the ever-growing stacks of books teetering at the head of my bed, I, though technologically challenged, am in the market for an eReader. I’m hoping you all can help. I’ve researched the Kindle (1&2), Sony, Nook, and of course […]

Social Networking

To Twitter or not to Twitter, that is my question. Do you tweet? I don’t. I know it’s the rage, but quite honestly, I can’t imagine having to overcome one more distraction in my day. As it is, if I visited every blog I follow, every day, I’d literally spend more time blogging than writing. And […]

Deep POV

POV (Point of view) is difficult for new writers to master. –  Use all of your POV character’s senses not just sight. –  What does he smell, hear, taste, and feel? –  Don’t jump from POV character to POV character (aka head hopping). –  The POV character can’t know what others feel, he can only observe reactions and facial […]

Great Beginnings Contest

Great news! Today I found out my entry from my military story, Captivating the Captain, placed second in the contemporary category of the Utah RWA Great Beginnings Contest. Doing well in a contest always gives me a boost. And boy do I need it to fuel my mental preparation for what will hopefully be my last major revision of […]

More Revisions

Life has turned incredibly busy for me, and on top of everything, Harlequin Medical Romance requested another round of revisions to bring my manuscript up to their publication standard. I am thrilled Love, Hospital Style is still under consideration. Yet I am saddened to have to cut more of the secondary characters I love, and nervous about […]