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Meet the Monighan brothers, Ren and Ryan, the hottest fictional twins in Miami! Both short novellas are part of  Jual Tramadol Online Dare to Love Kindle World. They are complete stories that do not end in a cliffhanger. They can be read together or on their own.

Book #1 – Ren’s story

One night on the Island of Eden changes two lives forever. 

Ren Monighan is living the dream, running his very successful business from a condo overlooking beautiful Miami Beach – not that he’s around much to enjoy the view. He spends so much time traveling between professional and college football teams, filming practices and creating virtual reality play simulations, he has none left over to look for love. But passing a few hours naked with a pretty bartender named, Anya, fits into his schedule just fine.

Anya Solokov has been working hard to make a better life for herself in New York. She’s moved past her days of scrounging for food and doing things she isn’t proud of to survive. An MBA from NYU will guarantee her independence and ensure she never has to scrimp and save or go hungry again. When an unplanned pregnancy puts Anya’s lifelong goal in jeopardy, Ren’s ready to step up. But headstrong Anya won’t accept his help unless he comes up with a plan that works for both of them.

Jual Tramadol Online


Book #2 – Ryan’s story

Ryan Monighan is one of the most popular players on the Miami Thunder Football Team. An all-star running back, he always makes time for his fans. They want a picture? He smiles pretty. An autograph? He’s always got a marker handy. Sex? If she turns him on, then heck yeah! Too bad the only thing sexy, sassy Kiley Ivers wants from him is the one thing he will not do for a fan. And she won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Kiley Ivers is barely keeping it together. After losing her family in a tragic car accident, she’s left alone to run the family bakery and care for her thirteen-year-old nephew, Tyler. The sole survivor, he’s stuck in the hospital, depressed and in pain. And Kiley will do anything to get his favorite football player to stop by for a visit to cheer Tyler up. Even go out on a date with him.

When things heat up between them, Kiley is on board with a short fling, as long as Tyler doesn’t find out. She plans to be a respectable guardian for her impressionable young nephew. Unfortunately, nothing in Ryan’s life stays secret for long.

**To my international readers, I’m sorry!!!! Kindle World stories are only available for purchase on Amazon U.S.


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