Is writing a solitary occupation?

I’ve heard it said that writing is a solitary occupation and when I’m sitting at my laptop late into the night/early morning hours, I agree. But since I don’t have a relative in publishing who’s willing to print and market my book for me, I emerge from my make believe world, bleary-eyed and stiff-fingered, so that I can re-join the real world where I  mingle and network via phone, e-mail, and Chrysler Pacifica. I tap into my most valuable resource, my friends and family who answer my questions, tell me they value what I have to say even when agents and editors don’t, and who hopefully share my name with all of their friends and relatives by marriage. Even unpublished authors have lots of help and many people to thank. And since I have this new public forum, I thought I’d take a moment to mention a few. And I’m not telling any of you ahead of time so that I can see if you’re really following my blog!!!
1) To Harold G. For giving me a reason to write and a chance to learn that I like it. A special thanks for all of your help this past year.
2) To my sister, Dale B., the first person I confided in about my secret passion for writing. For believing in me and encouraging me. For knowing in her heart that some day I’ll get published. For being my most radical fan and providing hours of laughter. Can you think of a word that rhymes with vagina? (Private joke!) I love you oodles of cheese doodles.
3) A special thanks to my neighbor Nancy B., a voracious reader, who has read and critiqued both of my completed manuscripts and pretty much reads everything else I send her. For enjoyable dinners at The Blue Fountain. For standing firm that I shouldn’t make Ali lose her baby. You are so much more than an unappreciated wife and mother. You are a dear friend. (And a whiz at punctuation!) I appreciate you more than you know!
4) To Eileen B.M., MD. For answering my questions about the signs and symptoms of threatened miscarriage and follow up treatment. For not pointing out that the first time we communicated in  years I was shamelessly pumping you for information.
5) To my cousin, Ron W., Esq. For answering my legal questions, and when you couldn’t, for offering to put me in touch with someone who could.
6) To Agent Leslie Cason at the DEA’s Office of Diversion Control, who will probably never read this blog, but deserves thanks for the time she took in answering my question: What would happen if a physician’s official NYS prescription pad, complete with his signature and DEA number, was found in the hands of a drug dealer?
7) To my writer friends who have critiqued snipets of my work. Carol Storm, Marie W, and Linda Rader.
8) To my family who eats lots of take out food without complaint. Come to think of it, they only complain when I cook!!!
9) To Amy Katz who has generously offered to critique my future work.
10) To my friend Grisel D. who forwarded my e-mail announcing my new blog to all of her friends. And she has a lot of friends!
11) And another thank you to my new friend and critique partner from across the continent, Linda Rader, for her blog, which gave me the guts to start my own and share my secret with the world.
I AM A WRITER. Note to everyone reading this post: When we chat, don’t ask me how my book’s coming. I’ll either talk until you fall asleep or I’ll use language that’s not fit for decent company. It depends on the day. And don’t ask if I’ve been published yet. Because trust me, when I get published I’ll make sure you know!!!

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